ß-tubulin Paralogs Provide a Qualitative Test for a Phylogeny of Cyst Nematodes

A. Sabo


Evolutionary relationships among cyst nematodes based on predicted ß-tubulin amino acid and DNA sequence data were compared with phylogenies inferred from ribosomal DNA (ITS1, 5.8S gene, ITS2). The ß-tubulin amino acid data were highly conserved and not useful for phylogenetic inference at the taxonomic level of genus and species. Phylogenetic trees based on ß-tubulin DNA sequence data were better resolved, but the relationships at lower taxonomic levels could not be inferred with confidence. Sequences from single species often appeared in more than one monophyletic clade, indicating the presence of ß-tubulin paralogs (confirmed by Southern blot analysis). For a subset of taxa, good congruence between the two data sets was revealed by the presence of the same putative ß-tubulin gene paralogs in monophyletic groups on the rDNA tree, corroborating the taxon relationships inferred from ribosomal DNA data.


ß-tubulin; cyst nematodes; paralogous genes; ribosomal dna

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