Nematodes of the Order Rhabditida from Andaluc¡a Oriental, Spain. The Genera Protorhabditis (Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953 and Diploscapter Cobb, 1913, with Description of P. spiculocrestata sp. n. and a Species Protorhabditis Key

J. Abolafia, R. Pena-Santiago


A new species of the genus Protorhabditis is described from natural areas in the SE Iberian Peninsula. Protorhabditis spiculocrestata sp. n. is distinguished by its body length 387-707 æm in females and 375-546 æm in males, lip very low and flattened, stoma 14-22 æm long, female tail conical-elongate (48-100 æm, c = 6.4-8.3, c' = 4.8-7.5), phasmid near anus, male tail conical (20-27 æm, c = 18.3-22.3, c' = 1.4-1.5), bursa peloderan closed anteriorly and bears eight papillae (1+2+1+1+3), spicules 23-26 æm long, and gubernaculum 10-16 æm long. Diploscapter coronatus is also presented. Description, measurements and illustrations, including SEM photographs, are provided. A key to species of Protorhabditis is also given as well a compendium of their measurements.


description; Diploscapter; key; morphology; new species; Protorhabditis; Rhabditids; SE Spain; SEM; taxonomy.

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