A Simulation Model of Heterodera schachtii Infecting Beta vulgaris

E. P. Caswell, A. E. MacGuidwin, K. Milne, C. E. Nelsen, I. J. Thomason, G. W. Bird


A simulation model of a single sugarbeet, Beta vulgaris L., plant infected by the sugarbeet cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtii Schmidt, was developed using published information. The model is an interactive computer simulation programmed in FORTRAN. Given initial population densities of the nematode at planting, the model simulates nematode population dynamics and the growth of plant tap and fibrous roots. The driving variable for nematode development and plant growth is temperature. Key words: sugarbeet, sugarbeet cyst nematode, simulation modeling, Beta vulgaris, Heterodera schachtii.

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