Terrestrial Nematodes of Alaska I. Trichodoridae (Nemata)

E. C. Bernard


Four species of Trichodoridae, two of them new and belonging to the T. aequalis complex, are reported from Alaska. Trichodorus carlingi n. sp. differs from all other species of the genus in having conspicuously hamate spicules. Vaginal sclerotizations are trapezoidal to rectangular. Trichodorus paucisetosus n. sp., which resembles T. sparsus Szczygiel, 1968 and T. nanjingensis Liu & Cheng, 1990, has sparsely setose, noncephalated spicules partially striated in one or two zones, oval to round vaginal sclerotizations, sperm in discrete spermathecae, and onchiostyle 57-72 [mu]m long. Trichodorus californicus Alien, 1957 is reported from many sites in Alaska, and T. aequalis Allen, 1957 is reported from one site. Trichodorus californicus was collected almost exclusively from glacial refugial regions north of the Alaska Range. Key words: Biogeography, dispersal, distribution, nematode, stubby-root nematode, taiga, taxonomy, Trichodorus aequalis, T. californicus, T. carlingi, T. paucisetosus, tundra.

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