Trichodorus elefjohnsoni n. sp. (Nemata: Trichodoridae) from Undisturbed Appalachian Forest

E. C. Bernard


A new species of Trichodoridae, Trichodorus elefjohnsoni, is described from undisturbed regions of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, United States. It resembles T. orientalis De Waele & Hashim, 1984, T. persicus De Waele & Sturhan, 1987, and T. taylori De Waele, Mancini, Roca, & Lamberti, 1982 in arrangement of ventromedian cervical papillae and posterior preanal supplements, but differs by combinations of the following characteristics: body length 516-731 [mu]m; spicule length 33-50 [mu]m, spicules densely striated, constricted medially; vaginal sclerotizations ovate; one pair of lateral body pores near vulva. Key words: nematode, North Carolina, stubby-root nematode, taxonomy, Tennessee, Trichodorus elefjohnsoni.

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