Descriptions of Two New Species of Chronogaster Cobb, 1913 from India

Qudsia Tahseen, Irfan Ahmad, Wasim Ahmad


Two new species of Chronogaster in India were described and illustrated, based on light and scanning electron microscopy. Chronogaster neotypica n. sp. collected from a sewage slurry was characterized by a medium-sized body, a ventral tail mucro without additional spines, absence of longitudinal incisures in lateral fields, and by the presence of crystalloids in the body. Diagnostic for C. spinicauda n. sp. collected from soil around roots of mango were a medium-sized body, a tail mucro with 10 spines, and absence of lateral lines and crystalloids. Males were not found. Key words: Chronogaster neotypica n. sp., C. spinicauda n. sp., description, morphology, nematode, scanning electron microscopy.

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