Leptosomatides brevicaudatus n. sp. and a Redescription of Leptosomatides marinae Platonova, 1967 (Enoplida: Leptosomatidae)

Kenji Kito, W. Duane Hope


The free-living marine nematodes Leptosomatides brevicaudatus n. sp. and L. marinae were described and redescribed, respectively, from material collected in the northwest Pacific. Leptosomatides brevicaudatus n. sp. from Simushir Island differs from L. marinae in the ratio c8 (body length divided by tail length measured on the chord) and the length of the spicules. Leptosomatides marinae is redescribed from light microscopy (LM) observations of the type specimens and LM and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observations of specimens from Hokkaido, Japan. It appears to be impossible to distinguish among some species of Leptosomatides because they are either insufficiently described or known only from females. Secondary sexual characters of males are essential for purposes of identification.


leptosomatides brevicaudatus; leptosomatides marinae; marine nematode; nematode; new species; sem observation; subventral supplement; taxonomy

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