Cloning of a Putative Pectate Lyase Gene Expressed in the Subventral Esophageal Glands of Heterodera glycines

J. M. De Boer, E. L. Davis, R. S. Hussey, H. Popeijus, G. Smant, T. J. Baum


We report the cloning of a Heterodera glycines cDNA that has 72% identity at the amino acid level to a pectate lyase from Globodera rostochiensis. In situ hybridizations showed that the corresponding gene (Hg-pel-1) is expressed in the subventral esophageal gland cells of second-stage juveniles. The deduced amino acid sequence of the H. glycines cDNA shows homology to class III pectate lyases of bacterial and fungal origin.


esophageal gland; molecular nematology; nematode; pectate lyase gene

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