A Key and Compendium to Species of the Heterodera avenae Group (Nematoda: Heteroderidae)

Zafar A. Handoo


A key based on cyst and juvenile characters is given for identification of 12 valid Heterodera species in the H. avenae group. A compendium providing the most important diagnostic characters for use in identification of species is included as a supplement to the key. Cyst characters are most useful for separating species; these include shape, color, cyst wall pattern, fenestration, vulval slit length, and the posterior cone including presence or absence of bullae and underbridge. Also useful are those of second-stage juvenile characteristics including aspects of the stylet knobs, tail hyaline tail terminus, and lateral field. Photomicrographs of diagnostically important morphological features complement the compendium.


compendium; cyst; diagnostic compendium; heterodera avenae group; identification; key; morphology; nematode taxonomy

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