Vol. 40, No. 2 (June 2008)

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Front Matter PDF
Sustaining Associates PDF
Table of Contents PDF
IN MEMORIAM Ivan James Thomason (1925-2008) PDF
I. Kaloshian, S. D. Van Gundy, and J. G. Baldwin 57-58
The Ecological Complexities of Biological Control: Trophic Cascades, Spatial Heterogeneity, and Behavioral Ecology PDF
Glen N. Stevens and Robin J. Stuart 59-60
Potential for Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Biological Control: A Meta-Analytical Synthesis and Insights from Trophic Cascade Theory PDF
Robert F. Denno, Daniel S. Gruner, and Ian Kaplan 61-72
From Augmentation to Conservation of Entomopathogenic Nematodes: Trophic Cascades, Habitat Manipulation and Enhanced Biological Control of Diaprepes abbreviatus Root Weevils in Florida Citrus Groves PDF
R. J. Stuart, F. E. El-Borai, and L. W. Duncan 73-84
Dynamics of a Subterranean Trophic Cascade in Space and Time PDF
Karthik Ram, Daniel S. Gruner, John P. McLaughlin, Evan L. Preisser, and Donald R. Strong 85-92
Host-Finding and Invasion by Entomopathogenic and Plant-Parasitic Nematodes: Evaluating the Ability of Laboratory Bioassays to Predict Field Results PDF
Kenneth O. Spence, Edwin E. Lewis, and Roland N. Perry 93-98
Nutsedge Counts Predict Meloidogyne incognita Juvenile Counts in an Integrated Management System PDF
Zhining Ou, Leigh Murray, Stephen H. Thomas, Jill Schroeder, and James Libbin 99-108
Detection and Investigation of Soil Biological Activity against Meloidogyne incognita PDF
E. Bent, A. Loffredo, M. V. McKenry, J. O. Becker, and J. Borneman 109-118
Mortality of Pratylenchus penetrans by Volatile Fatty Acids from Liquid Hog Manure PDF
A. Mahran, M. Tenuta, M. L. Hanson, and F. Daayf 119-126
Molecular Phylogeny of Geographical Isolates of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Implications on the Origin and Spread of this Species in China and Worldwide PDF
Keyun Zhang, Hui Liu, Jie Sun, Jingrui Liu, Kan Fei, Chongxing Zhang, Mingxu Xu, Jing Sun, 127-137
Protease Inhibitor Expression in Soybean Roots Exhibiting Susceptible and Resistant Interactions with Soybean Cyst Nematode PDF
Nahed A. Rashed, Margaret H. MacDonald, Benjamin F. Matthews 138-146
Effect of a Terminated Cover Crop and Aldicarb on Cotton Yield and Meloidogyne incognita Population Density PDF
T. A. Wheeler, J. F. Leser, J. W. Keeling, and B. Mullinix 147-151
Effect of Liquid Swine Manure on Hatch and Viability of Heterodera glycines PDF
Jianli Xiao, Senyu Chen, Jun Zhu, and Weibin Ruan 152-160