Vol. 42, No. 3 (September 2010)

Table of Contents


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Potential of Leguminous Cover Crops in Management of a Mixed Population of Root-knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) PDF
Kingsley Osei, Simon R. Gowen, Barbara Pembroke, Rick L. Brandenburg, David L. Jordan 173-178
Classification of Rotylenchulus reniformis Numbers in Cotton Using Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Data on Self-Organizing Maps PDF
Rushabh A. Doshi, Roger L. King, Gary W. Lawrence 179-193
Mortality and behavior in Heterodera glycines juveniles following exposure to isothiocyanate compounds PDF
Nathan E. Schroeder, Ann E. MacGuidwin 194-200
A High-Throughput Automated Technique for Counting Females of Heterodera glycines using a Fluorescence-Based Imaging System PDF
Sabrina Brown, Gregory Yeckel, Robert Heinz, Kerry Clark, Dave Sleper, Melissa G. Mitchum 201-206
Molecular and Morphological Characterization and Biological Control Capabilities of a Pasteuria ssp. Parasitizing Rotylenchulus reniformis, the Reniform Nematode PDF
Liesbeth M. Schmidt, Thomas E. Hewlett, April Green, Lee J. Simmons, Karen Kelley, Mark Doroh, Salliana R. Stetina 207-217
Secondary structure models of D2-D3 expansion segments of 28S rRNA for Hoplolaiminae species PDF
B ae, C. H., R. T. Robbins, A. L. Szalanski 218-229
Abstracts PDF
Editors 230-279