Vol. 48, No. 2 (June 2016)

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Contributed Papers

Efficacy of Various Application Methods of Fluensulfone for Managing Root-knot Nematodes in Vegetables PDF
Kelly A. Morris, David B. Langston, Richard F. Davis, James P. Noe, Don W. Dickson, Patricia Timper 65 - 71
Reproduction and Damage Potential of Five Geographical Ditylenchus africanus Populations on Peanut PDF
Sonia Steenkamp, Dirk De Waele, Alexander McDonald 72 - 78
Reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita Race 3 on Flue-cured Tobacco Homozygous for Rk1 and/or Rk2 Resistance Genes PDF
Jill R. Pollok, Charles S. Johnson, J. D. Eisenback, T. David Reed 79 - 86
The Effect of Endophytic Fungi on Nematode Populations in Summer-dormant and Summer-active Tall Fescue PDF
James K. Rogers, Nathan R. Walker, Carolyn A. Young 87 - 94
Sectonema caobangense sp. n. from Vietnam (Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Aporcelaimidae) PDF
Sergio Alvarez-Ortega, Thi Anh Duong Nguyen, Joaquin Abolafia, Michael Bonkowski, Reyes Pena-Santiago 95 - 103
A Third New Species of Aporcelinus Andrassy, 2009 (Dorylaimida, Aporcelaimidae) from Vietnam, with the First SEM Study of a Representative of the Genus PDF
Thi Anh Duong Nguyen, Joaquin Abolafia, Michael Bonkowski, Reyes Pena-Santiago 104 - 108
Paurodontella parapitica n. sp. (Nematoda: Hexatylina, Sphaerularioidea) from Kermanshah Province, Western Iran PDF
Mehrab Esmaeili, Ramin Heydari, Weimin Ye 109 - 115
Nematode Fauna of Tropical Rainforest in Brazil: A Descriptive and Seasonal Approach PDF
Mercia S. O. Cardoso, Elvira M. R. Pedrosa, Howard Ferris, Mario M. Rolim, Lamartine S. C. Oliveira 116 - 125
The Effects of Nutrient Concentration, Addition of Thickeners, and Agitation Speed on Liquid Fermentation of Steinernema feltiae PDF
Luis G. Leite, David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Selcuk Hazir, Mark A. Jackson 126 - 133