0071. Distribution extensions of the milliped families Conotylidae and Rhiscosomididae (Diplopoda: Chordeumatida) into northern coastal British Columbia and Southern Alaska

Rowland M. Shelley, Michael F. Medrano, William A. Shear, Kristiina Ovaska, Ken J. White, Erin I. Havard


Two samples of the chordeumatidan family Rhiscosomididae (Rhiscosomides mineri Silvestri, 1909) and 35 of the Conotylidae establish these taxa in the Alexander Archipelago and continental parts of the Alaskan Panhandle, USA, and northern coastal British Columbia (BC), Canada. Rhiscosomides mineri is also recorded from southwestern BC and, for the first time, from Washington State, USA. Two conotylids were recovered, a juvenile male of ?Bollmanella Chamberlin, 1941, and 3 males and 33 females of a possibly parthenogenetic form of Taiyutyla Chamberlin, 1952, conforming generally to T. shawi and T. lupus, both by Shear, 2004, on Vancouver Island. Diplopoda are predicted to inhabit the southern Yukon Territory.

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