Species groups of Traumatomutilla André (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae). (high resolution PDF)

Kevin A. Williams, Pedro R. Bartholomay, Márcio Luiz de Oliveira


Females of Traumatomutilla André (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae) are organized into 14 species groups; 136 of the 138 Traumatomutilla taxa known from females were studied. Of these species groups, only the inermis species group was adequately established and diagnosed in the literature (Casal 1969). The remaining newly established species groups are as follows: americana, auriculata, bellica, bifurca, diabolica, gemella, indica, integella, juvenilis, quadrinotata, tabapua, trochanterata, and vitelligera. Diagnoses and lists of included species are provided for each species group. Eighty-three new country records are provided for 49 species.


Sphaeropthalminae; Sphaeropthalmini; Sphaeropthalmina; Dasymutilla; velvet ants; Neotropical

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