Notes on the Amydetinae (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in McDermott’s 1966 catalogue of Lampyridae

Oliver Keller, Marc A. Branham


Nomenclatural changes are proposed and herein implemented for several beetles in the family Lampyridae (Coleoptera). Corrections of authorship are proposed for Psilocladus marginatus (Lewis), Psilocladus ruficollis (Kiesenwetter), and Dryptelytra fulvipennis E. Olivier. Dates of publication are corrected for Magnoculus marginatus (Guérin-Méneville), Psilocladus calvus Kirsch, Psilocladus peruvianus Kirsch, and Vesta vitellinothorax (Perty) a synonym of Vesta thoracica (G. A. Olivier). "Dodacles grandjeani E. Olivier" is found to be a nomen nudum, which actually refers to Dryptelytra grandjeani (E. Olivier).


Fireflies, nomenclature, authorship, date of publication.

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