Bolivian anthophilous Cerambycinae (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) host flower records

Robin Clarke, Sonia Zamalloa


Host flower records for 111 species of Cerambycinae, collected from 40 plant species (21 families) in three Bolivian Departments during the period 2002–2011 are presented for the following tribes: Basipterini, Callichromatini, Clytini, Compsocerini, Eburiini, Ectenessini, Heteropsini, Hexoplonini, Molorchini, Oxycoleini, Pteroplatini, Rhopalophorini, Tillomorphini, and Trachyderini. The importance of anthophilous cerambycids as pollinators, their behavior, and methods used for collecting them are presented, and some preliminary comparisons between the tropical fauna in the north and the temperate fauna in the Chaco forests of the south are outlined.


Anthophily, natural history, new country and departmental species records.

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