Forty new records of aleocharine beetles, and two new species in the genera Acrotona Thomson and Atheta Thomson, for the province of Manitoba, Canada (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae)

Jan Klimaszewski, Benoit Godin, Anthony Davies, Caroline Bourdon, Denise Horwood


Forty new provincial records, including two new aleocharine species for the province of Manitoba (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) are provided. The two new species, Acrotona manitobensis Klimaszewski and Godin, new species, and Atheta manitobae Klimaszewski and Godin, new species, are described and illustrated. Habitat information and new locality records are provided for the newly recorded species. The current number of Aleocharinae in Manitoba stands at 120 species, including 40 new records and two new species described here. A checklist of all currently recorded species from the province, with their distribution records in Canada and USA, is included.


Rove beetles, Nearctic, distribution, faunistics.

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