Tenuiphantes zelatus (Zorsch), T. zibus (Zorsch), and Centromerus mariannae sp. nov. (Araneae: Linyphiidae) in the Pacific Northwest

Jozef Slowik


The linyphiid spiders Tenuiphantes zelatus (Zorsch, 1937), T. zibus (Zorsch, 1937), and Centromerus mariannae sp. nov. are diagnosed, described or redescribed and illustrated, including the previously undescribed female of T. zibus. All are common species of the Pacific Northwest of North America but were previously inadequately described (T. zelatus and T. zibus) or illustrated only but not described or named (C. mariannae).


Lepthyphantes, ex-Lepthyphantes, species description, new species, DNA barcode.

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