Miscellaneous notes on the fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in McDermott’s 1966 catalogue of Lampyridae

Oliver Keller, Marc A. Branham


Nomenclatural changes are proposed and herein implemented for several firefly taxa in the family Lampyridae (Coleoptera). Dates of publication are corrected for Lampyris brutia Costa, 1882, Diaphanes costulatus (Kolbe, 1897), Diaphanes fraternus (Kolbe, 1897), Diaphanes kilimanus (Kolbe, 1897), Diaphanes breviusculus (Kolbe, 1897) (a junior synonym of Diaphanes notaticollis E. Olivier), Diaphanes piligerus (Kolbe, 1897), Diaphanes planitianus (Kolbe, 1897), Diaphanes volkensi (Kolbe, 1897) (a junior synonym of Diaphanes rugicollis (Fairmaire)), Diaphanes signaticollis Pic, 1951, Diaphanes ugandanus (Kolbe, 1897), Pyrocoelia iwasakii (Matsumura, 1918), Pyrocoelia tappana (Matsumura, 1918), Lamprocera latreillei (Kirby, 1818), Tenaspis semifusca (Gorham, 1881), Lucernuta savignii (Kirby, 1818), Aspisoma candellarium Reiche, 1845, Aspisoma roseiventer (E. Olivier, 1888), Pyractomena Melsheimer, 1846, Pyractomena flavocincta LeConte, 1852 (a junior synonym of Pyractomena angulata (Say)), Pyractomena angustata LeConte, 1852, and Pyractomena lucifera Melsheimer, 1846.


Nomenclature, authorship, date of publication.

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