Remarks on the subgenus Cylinderina Rivalier (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae: Cylindera) from the Philippines with description of a new species 144. Contribution towards the knowledge of the Cicindelidae

Jürgen Wiesner, Charles Dheurle


Cylindera (Cylinderina) sierramadrensis Wiesner and Dheurle, new species (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) is described from Luzon. Re-descriptions of the other seven species of this subgenus (C. (C.) nanula (Horn, 1937), C. (C.) nana (Schaum, 1862), C. (C.) pseudonana (Horn, 1924), C. (C.) werneri Wiesner, 1988, C. (C.) rothschildi (Horn, 1896), C. (C.) genieri Cassola and Werner, 2003, C. (C.) vandenberghei Dheurle, 2016) are provided together with a key and pictures of their habitus, labrum and aedeagus.


Cicindelini, diagnosis, new species, Luzon, endemic species, key.

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