Records of tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) collected in Cambodia, with description of a new species. 149. Contribution towards the knowledge of the Cicindelidae

Jürgen Wiesner, Jérôme Constant


Naviauxella varians Wiesner and Constant, n. sp. (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae), is described. Neocollyris (Pachycollyris) bipartita unicolor (Horn, 1935), Therates laotiensis Sawada and Wiesner, 1999, Cosmodela duponti duponti (Dejean, 1826) and Cylindera (Ifasina) somnuki Naviaux, 1991 are recorded for the first time from Cambodia. Five tiger beetle species are recorded for the first time from Kampong Speu province, two for the first time from Ratanakiri province, and one each the first time from Pursat province and Preah Vihear province.


Naviauxella varians n. sp., diagnosis, new records, Kampong Speu, Ratanakiri, Pursat, Preah Vihear.

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