Two new tiger beetle species (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) from Myanmar and notes on another species. 151. Contribution towards the knowledge of the Cicindelidae

Jürgen Wiesner, Michio Hori


Cylindera (Ifasina) thitarooae Wiesner and Hori, new species, Jansenia phyuae Wiesner and Hori, new species, and the previously unknown male of Jansenia myanmarensis Wiesner, 2004 (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) are described. Cylindera (I.) thitarooae may be recognized by shape of labrum and aedeagus. Jansenia phyuae may be recognized by its elytral contour and shape of elytral maculation.


Cicindelini, Cylindera (Ifasina) thitarooae new species, Jansenia phyuae new species, Jansenia myanmarensis Wiesner, 2004, diagnosis.

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