Three new tiger beetle species of the genus Prothyma Hope, 1838, subgenus Genoprothyma Rivalier, 1964 (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) described from Myanmar. 152. Contribution towards the knowledge of the Cicindelidae

Jürgen Wiesner, Moe Hnin Phyu, Michio Hori


Prothyma (Genoprothyma) thandamoeae Wiesner, Phyu and Hori, new species, Prothyma (Genoprothyma) sotai Wiesner, Phyu and Hori, new species, and Prothyma (Genoprothyma) asamii Wiesner, Phyu and Hori, new species (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) are described from Myanmar. A key to all members of the genus known to occur in Myanmar is given.


Cicindelini, diagnosis, thandamoeae, sotai, asamii, new species, key to species.

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