A Revision of the New World Species of Cryptolestes Ganglbauer (Coleoptera: Cucujidae: Laemophloeinae)

M.C. Thomas


The New World species of Cryptalestes Ganglbauer are revised and keys, diagnoses, descriptions, and illustrations are provided for the 13 non-economic species. Six stored products species of the genus are also keyed and illustrated. Two species, Laemophloeus pubescens Casey and L. bicolor Chevrolat, are reassigned to Cryptolestes. Eight new species are described: C. dissimulatus (southwestern United States); C. dybasi(Florida); C. mexicanus (Mexico and Guatemala); C. capillulus (Brazil); C. spatulifer (Argentina); C. trinidadensis (Trinidad); C. ampiyacus (Peru); and C. calabozus (Venezuela). Cryptolestes unicicornis (Reitter) is revived from synonymy under C. punctatus (LeConte), C. schwarzi (Casey) is revived from synonymy under C. Weisei (Reitter), and four specific names are synonymized; C. extricatus (Casey) and C. adumbratus Casey [=C. punctatus (LeConte)]; and Laemophloeus concavus (Reitter) [=C.bicolor (Chevrolat)]. Cryptolestes horni (Casey) and C. disseptus Casey are removed from Cryptotestes and reassigned to Rhabdophloeus LeConte, Cryptolestes adumbratus Casey, and Laemophloeus quadratus Casey.

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