Records and Descriptions of Costa Rican Cerambycidae, Part 1: the Turrialba Valley.

Frank T. Hovore


Records from the Turrialba Valley region of Costa Rica are given for species of Cerambycidae heretofore unknown from Central America, or for which no previous specific information was recorded. The following species are recorded from Central America for the first time: Sphallambyx chabrillaci, Cycnoderus barbatus, Cylicasta nysa, Oncideres minuta, Dufauxia sp. indet., Onalcidion fibrosum, Nyssodrysola corticalis, Neoeutrypanus mutilatus, Anisopodus affinis, and Lithargyrus melzeri. Previously unrecorded locality or behavioral data are given for Xenochroma azurea, Chontalia cyanicolor, Omosarotes singularis, and Cephalodina crassiceps. New taxa described are: Ommata (Ecliptophanes) tommyi, sp. n., Eupugonius cryptus, sp. n., jamesia ericksoni, sp. n., Oreodera lezamai, sp. n., Leptostylus lividus, sp. n., Colobothina, gen. n., C. perplexa, sp.n.

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