Neotroplcal Predaceous Midges of the Genus Bezzia (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Part III. The gibbera Group of Species

Gustavo R. Spinelli, Willis W. Wirth


The gibbera Group of the genus Bezzia Kieffer, subgenus Bezzia, is comprised in the Neotropical Region of at least 16 species, of which the following 11 species are descrIbed as new: araucana from Argentina; catarinensis from Brazil;globulosa from Puerto Rico;grogani from Colombia, Mexico and Panama; hondurensis from Mexico and Central America;jubata, leei and megatheca from Colombia; mesotibialis from Belize and Trinidad; pseudogibbera from Honduras and Panama; and setigera from Colombia and El Salvador. A key is presented for subgenera and species groups, and for the Neotropical species of the gibbera Group.

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