New Neotropical Species of Desmopachria (Desmopachria s. str.) Babington (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)

Frank N. Young


New species of Desmopachria (s. str.) are described and male external genitalia figured to aid in identification. The new taxa are: D. majusculus (Guatemala); D. zelota (Brasil); D. nitidoides (Paraguay); D. balfour-brownei (Brasil); D. striga (Bolivia, Brasil), D. subfasciata (Bolivia); D geijskesi (Surinam); and D. margarita from Pearl Islands, Panama (nomen nova) for D. glabricula Sharp, 1887,nec D. glabricula Sharp, 1882 from Mexico. Related species which may be confused with the newly described taxa are diagnosed and genitalia figured.

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