North American Negastriinae (Coleoptera, Elateridae): The Negastriinae of the Eastern United States and Adjacent Canada

Jeffrey N. L. Stibick


Eighteen species of Negastriinae (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from Eastern North America are keyed, with illustrations, diagnoses and maps for all species. Included are five new species: Negastrius arnetti, Paradonus beckeri, P. illinoiensis, P. jerseiensis and P. olivereae. One name, Negastrius exiguus (Randall) is restored from synonymy. Four species, Negastrius extricatus (Fall), Neohypdonus aestivus (Horn), Neohypdonus restrictulus (Mannerheim) and Paradonus obliquatulus (Melsheimer) represent new combinations. Illustrations of the male genitalia of all species and representative female genitalia of'each genus are given.

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