Apionidae from North and Central America. Part 3. A New Genus in the Tribe Aplemonini Kissinger from Mexico (Coleoptera)

David G. Kissinger


A new genus, Femtapion (type species F. andersoni Kissinger, new species from central Mexico), is described in the tribe Aplemonini. Distinguishing features include body minute, globose, glabrous, polished; middle coxae not separated by union of median mesosternum and median metasternum; elytra lack humeri but (apparently) functional flying wings present; endophallus with coiled flagellum. The occurrence of a modified endophallic flagellum is unique in the New World Apioninae (with the exception of the Antilles). Perapion wickhami (Kissinger) is recorded from Scotts Bluff, Nebraska Apion (Trichapion) memnonmonum Kissinger from North Carolina shows an unusual disjunct distribution. It is recorded on unopened flower buds of Amorpha sp. at 3 mi NE Angeles Oaks, camp Cedar Falls 6000', San Bernardino Co., California in June.

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