Apionidae from North and Central America. Part 4. Generic classification and introduction to the genus Coelocephalapion Wagner, with new species from Mexico and Venezuela (Coleoptera)

David G. Kissinger


The following subgenera of Apion Herbst are elevated to generic status: Bothryopteron Wagner (type species: Apion grallarium Sharp); Coelocephalapion Wagner (type species: Apion bryanti Wagner); Coelopterapion Wagner (type species: Apion testaceum Wagner); Fallapion Kissinger (type species: Apion impunctistriatum Smith); and Stenapion Wagner (type species: Apion constricticolle Sharp). Twelve areas of apionid rostral sulci and carinae are defined and illustrated. Six new species of Coelocephalapion are described: four similar to C. bryanti (Wagner): jumentum (Panama and Honduras), keletaon (Belize), pelor (Panama), and schema (Panama); and two similar to C spretissimum (Sharp): adhocum (Mexico) and pigrae (Venezuela). C. pilirostre (Wagner), near bryanti, is redescribed from Mexico and Honduras with neotype designation.

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