Nomenclatural notes on Western Hemisphere Cerambycidae (Coleoptera)

Miguel A. Monne, Edmund F. Giesbert


Synonymies, new combinations, new status, revalidations, and generic transfers are presented for Western Hemisphere Cerambycidae. In the subfamily Prioninae, taxa are in the tribes Macrodontiini and Mallaspidini; in the subfamily Cerambycinae in the tribes Cerambycini, Elaphidiini, Molorchini, Rhinotragini, Compsocerini, Callidiini, Clytini, Cleomenini, Heteropsini and Trachyderini; and in the subfamily Lamiinae in the tribes Parmenini, Lamiini, Onciderini, Pteropliini, Pogonocherini, Desmiphorini, Acanthoderini, Acanthocinini, Aerenicini and Calliini.

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