The milliped genus Orophe Chamberlin (Polydesrmida: Xystodesmidae)

Rowland M. Shelley


The milliped genus Orophe, characterized by long, twisted gonopodal telopodites with short, subequal distal elements, is comprised of two allopatric species, O. cabinetus Chamberlin, in western Montana, and O. unicus (Loomis), in northern Idaho; the latter name is revived from synonymy with the former. They are distinguished by the orientation of the solenomerite, which is coaxial with the telopodite stem in O.cabinetus and perpendicular to it in O. unicus. Although this distinction is slight, it manifests itself geographically, and the forms occupy mutually exclusive areas; hence they warrant specific recognition. Modern descriptions are provided for the genus and species, and new localities are reported. Gonopodal illustrations and a distribution map are presented.

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