New genera of Tephritidae (Diptera) from Brazil and Dominican Amber, with phylogenetic analysis of the tribe Ortalotrypetini

Allen L. Norrbom


The tribe Ortalotrypetini (Trypetinae) is expanded to include four genera, whose phylogenetic relationships are analyzed. The following are recognized: Ortalotrypeta Hendel, Cyaforma Wang, Neortalotrypeta, n. gen., proposed for N. bicolor, n. sp., from Brazil, and Protortalotrypeta, n. gen., proposed for P. grimaldii, n. sp., which is described from a specimen in amber from the Dominican Republic. Ortalotrypeta ziae, n. sp., from Taiwan, is described, and lectotypes are designated for O. gigas Hendel and O. idana Hendel. O. macula Wang and O. tonkinensis Zia are transferred to Cyaforma.

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