Taxonomic Studies of the Genus Tetraleurodes (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Sueo Nakahara


Ten new species of Tetraleurodes (bireflexa, caulicola, chivela, confusa, dorsirugosa, mexicana, perseae, pseudacaciae, quercicola, tuberculosa) are described and four previously known species are redescribed. The acaciae group consisting of seven species is proposed, and a key to the acaciae group and 12 North American species is provided. In addition, herberti Penny is synonymized with acaciae (Quaintance), nudus Sampson and Drews is synonymized with fici Quaintance and Baker, and stanfordi (Bemis) is synonymized with perileuca (Cockerell) Aleurotrachelus cacaorum Bondar is reassigned to Tetraleurodes, and T. papilliferus Sampson and Drews is reassigned to Aleurotrachelus.


Aleyrodidae; Tetraleurodes; new species; synonyms; new combinations; key; whitefly; North America

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