A Report on a Collection of Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) from Rondonia, Brazil. 2. Tribes Heteromuiini and Sphaeromiini

Gustavo R. Spinelli, Andrea Dippolito, Willis W. Wirth


Examination of a large collection of Ceratopogonidae from Rondonia, Brazil, resulted in records of 11 species in the tribes Heteromyiini and Sphaeromiini, including the NEW GENUS Groganhelea Spinelli & Dippolito NEW GENUS, which is described herein, with its type-species G. rondoniensis Spinelli & Dippolito, NEW SPECIES Heteromyia correntina Lane & Duret and Mallochohelea termophila (Spinelli) are recorded for the first time from Brazil.

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