The planthopper genus Acanalonia in the United States (Homoptera: Issidae): male and female genitalic morphology

Rebecca Freund, Stephen W. Wilson


The issid planthopper genus Acanalonia is reviewed and a key to the 18 species provided. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of the complete external morphology or A. conica (Say), and descriptions and illustrations of the male and female external genitalia ofthe species of United States Acanalonia are given. The principal genitalic features used to separate species included: male-shape and length of the aedeagal caudal and lateral processes, and presence of caudal extensions; female-shape of the 8th abdominal segment and the number of teeth on the gonapophysis of the 8th segment.


Homoptera; Fulgoroidea; Issidae; Acanalonia; North America

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