The Argentine species of the genus Megacyllene Casey,1912 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), with description of a new species

Osvaldo R. Di Iorio


Fifteen species of Megacyllene occur in Argentina: M. acuta (Germ ). M. bonplandi (Gounelle). M. castanea (Laporte & Gory), M. insignita (Perroud). M.falsa (Chevrolat), M. mellyi (Chevrolat), M. minuta (Chevrolat), M. multiguttata Burmeister (status nov.), M. murina (Burmeister). M. neblinosa new species. M. proxima (Laporte and Gory). M. spinifera (Newman). M. rotundicollis Zajciw , M. rufipes (Laporte and Gory) and M. unicolor Fuchs (= M. lateripilosa Zajciw new synonym} A Lectotype and Paralectotype are designated for M multiguttata Megacyllene quinquefasciata Melzer, 1931, is not considered a true Megacyllene but its generic status remains uncertain and needs further revision.Geographical distributions in Argentina and a key are provided.


Argentina; Cerambycidae; Coleoptera; Megacyllene

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