Bathycranium : synonymised with Syntormon , distinction between Parasyntormon and Syntormon discussed and S. bicolorellus and S. luteicornis (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) redescribed

M. C. D. Speight, R. M. Blackith, R. E. Blackith


It is demonstrated that there is no valid basis on which to sustain the monotypic genus Bathycranium Strobl and concluded that Bathycranium should be recognised as a junior synonym of Syntormon Loew (new status). The species Syntormon bicolorellus Zetterstedt (new combination) falls into a natural grouping of Syntormon species with downcurved facial hairs in females. This species and S. luteicornis Parent are redescribed. Distinctions between Syntormon and Parasyntormon are discussed.

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