Theclinae of Rondonia, Brazil: Gigantorubra and Angulopis ; with descriptions of new species (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

George T. Austin, Kurt Johnson


The species of Giganiorubra and Angulopis encountered in the Cacaulandia area of central Rondonia, Brazil, are reviewed. These include ten species (all new) of Gigantorubra (G. microserrata, G. divergens, G. quadramacula, G. ampla, G. fuscafascia, G. silva, G. rondonia, G. obscura, G.perplexa, G.purpura) and one new species of Angulopis (A. tenuis). Thecla sangala Hewitson (1868) is recognized as having priority over Thecla autoclea Hewitson (1863-1878 [1877]), new synonym. Rondonia continues to appear as a center of thecline endemism and to provide abundant examples of sibling species diversity.


Angulopis; Brazil; Gigantorubra. hairstreaks; Lepidoptera; Lycaenidae; Theclinae; tropical

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