Biting midges from Dominican amber. III. Species of the tribes Culicoidini and Ceratopogonini (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Ryszard Szadziewski, William L. Grogan Jr


The following 10 new species of biting midges are described and illustrated from Dominican amber: Culicoides (Oecacta) antilleanus, C. (O.) brodzinskyi, C. (O.) ambericus, C. (O.) hispanicolus, C. mammalicolus, Brachypogon (B.) americanus, B. (Isohelea) dominicanus, B. (Isohelea) prominuloides, Stilobezzia (S.) antilleana and S. (Acanthohelea) dominicana. Two other species, in Nannohelea and Stilobezzia, are described but not named. Stilobezzia (Acanthohelea) wirthicola is a new name for Stilobezzia (A.) succinea Szadziewski from Miocene Saxonian amber, which is preoccupied by the extant Stilobezzia succinea Ingram and Macfie, from Argentina.

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