Review of the family Bochicidae, with new species and records (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpionida)

William B. Muchmore


A history of the family is presented. All of the genera and species previously assigned to the family are reviewed, and 4 new species are described: Leucohya parva from Venezuela and Guyana, Mexobisium venii from Belize and Guatemala, M. dominicanum from the Dominican Republic, and Paravachonium sprousei from Mexico. Two subfamilies are established: Bochicinae (including the genera Antillobisium, Bochica, Troglobochica, Troglohya, and Vachonium) and Leucohyinae (including Apohya, Leucohya, Mexobisium, and Paravachonium).

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