Apionidae from North and Central America. Part 6. Description of new species of Apionion Kissinger, Coelocephalapion Wagner and Trichapion Wagner (Coleoptera)

David G. Kissinger


Two new species of Trichapion. Wagner, T. baranowskii and T. santaritae, are described from Madera Canyon, near Tucson, Arizona. Six new species of Coelocephalapion Wagner are described: C. dilox (Mexico), C.goldilox (Costa Rica, Panama), C.johnsoni (Panama) with host Vatairea erythrocarpa Ducke (Fabaceae), C. nirostrum (Mexico), C. tellum (Texas, Mexico), and C. turnbowi (Mexico). Apionion opetion is described from Mexico. A closely similar species, Apionion bettyae (Kissinger), new combination, with probable host plant Lonchocarpus sp. (Fabaceae), is transferred from Trichapion.

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