Description of a new genus, Sayapion , from North and Central America (Coleoptera: Apionidae)

David G. Kissinger


A new genus, Sayapion Kissinger (type-species: Apion segnipes Say) is proposed for the 10 members of the Apion segnipes species group of Coelocephalapion Wagner orphaned when Coelocephalapion Wagner was raised to generic level (Kissinger, 1992). The species transferred from Apion to Sayapion as new combinations are as follows: Sayapion aponipes (Kissinger), S. arizonae (Fall), S. basale (Sharp), S. cinereum (Gerstaecker), S. laterale (Sharp), S. paranipes (Kissinger), S. pronipes (Kissinger), S. segnipes (Say), S. sublaterale (Kissinger), and S. terale (Kissinger).

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