Catalogue of the ectoparasitic insects of the bats of Argentina

Analia G. Autino, Guillermo L. Claps


Taxonomy and distribution of the ectoparasitic insects of bats from Argentina, are reviewed. Seventeen species of Diptera (six of Nycteribiidae and eleven of Streblidae), six species of Siphonaptera (four of Ischnopsyllidae, one of Pulicidae, and one of Stephanocircidae), and seven species of Hemiptera (Polyctenidae) are known presently for Argentina. The information was obtained by reviewing the literature and collecting in the field between 1989 and 1998. The specimens collected in the field were compared with the type material deposited at the Field Museum of Natural History (CHNM).


Argentina; bats; Diptera; ectoparasites; Hemiptera; Siphonaptera

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