New records and synonyms in the Colydiinae and Pycnomerini (Coleoptera: Zopheridae)

Michael A. Ivie, Stanislaw Adam Slipinski, Piotr Wegrzynowicz


New synonyms are proposed for: Pethelispa arizonica Dajoz 1992 = Pycnomerus arizonicus Stephan 1989 NEW SYNONYMY; Microprius cubanus Slipinski 1985 = Eudesmula california Dajoz 1992 = Microprius rufulus (Motschulsky 1863) NEW SYNONYMIES; and Aulonium chilense Dajoz 1980 = Aulonium parallelopedium (Say 1826) NEW SYNONYMY. Colobicus parilis Pascoe is recorded from Louisiana, a new distributional record for the New World.

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