A new species of Anastrepha from Amazonia, with redescriptions of A. caudata Stone and A. hendeliana Lima (Diptera: Tephritidae)

A. L. Norrbom, J. Caraballo


Three species of Anastrepha from upper Amazonia are described or redescribed and illustrated. They are considered closely related and are placed in the A. caudata species group. Anastrepha caudata Stone 1942 is redescribed based on the holotype, the only known specimen. Its type locality is probably S�o Paulo de Oliven�a in Amazonas, Brazil, not the state or city of S�o Paulo as previously assumed. Anastrepha hendeliana Lima 1934, new status, is removed from synonymy with A. longicauda Lima 1934 based on specimens from Brazil (Amazonas and Rondonia) and Colombia (Caquet�). The female is described for the first time. Anastrepha brunnealata, n. sp., is described from specimens from Venezuela



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