Synonymy of Rhamphidera Skelley with Bancous Pic, termitophilous fungus beetles (Coleoptera: Erotylidae)

P. E. Skelley, M. A. Alonso-Zarazaga


ThegenusBancousPic, originally described in theHeteromera(Rhysopaussidae)andlater transferred to Cucujiformia (incertae sedis), was found to be congeneric with Rhamphidera Skelley (Erotylidae). Bancous is here placed in the family Erotylidae (Erotylinae, Tritomini) and Rhamphidera is moved into synonymy. This synonymy creates twonewcombinations: Bancous perplexus (Skelley) and Bancous eureka (Skelley). Bancous is redescribed and a lectotype is designated for Bancous irregularis Pic.



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