New species and records of Anacis (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Cryptini) from tropical and temperate Andean South America

C. C. Porter


Descriptions are given of the new species Anacis ignifera and A. flammigera from M�rida State, Venezuelaandof A. umbrifera fromMachuPicchu, Per�. These belong toatropicalAndeanlineage with strongly projecting propodeal cristae and pictured wings. Anacis hercana Porter, a Chilean species long known only from the holotype taken at El Canelo near Santiago,nowisdocumentedbyasecond specimen from nearby R�o Clarillo. Biconus Townes (1969) is synonymized under Anacis Porter (1967a). Anacis apoeca (Porter), A. atrorubra (Townes), and A. subflava (Porter) are new combinations in Anacis. The South American species of Anacis are keyed.



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