First record of Labium (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Labiini) in South America with description of a new species from Brasil

C. C. Porter


Labium is a primitive transantarctic genus which parasitizes ground-nesting halictid bees and until now has been known only from the Australian Region. Diagnostic features include its large exposed labrum (as long as clypeus) ; elongate mandible with upper tooth much shorter and smaller than lower tooth; slender 1st gastric tergite with spiracle distad of middle; and short, concealed ovipositor which is slender, depressed, and without notch or nodus. Labium wahli is now described from south Brazilian rain forest. It differs from the Australian species by its longer flagellum which is only slightly thickened apicad and because it has no crests at base of the notauli



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