The Transantarctic genus Labena (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Labenini) in Chile

C. C. Porter


Labena is a primitive genus known from the Neotropic, Nearctic, Neantarctic, and Australian biogeographic regions. It parasitizes larvae of wood boring beetles in dead twigs and smaller branches of hardwood trees and shrubs. Descriptions are given of 2 new Chilean species: Labena canelensis Porter, from sclerophyll woodland in central Chile, is black with sparse white markings, has a strong tooth at the base of the submetapleural carina, and a short first gastric tergite (2.3-2.6 as long as wide at apex), whereas L. pucon Porter occurs in temperate wet forest of southern Chile and is black with profuse white markings, lacks a submetapleural tooth, and has the first tergite very elongate (4.0-6.2 as long as wide at apex).



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